About Us


Art + Pillows = SoPillow.

SoPillow is an online store dedicated to decorative cushions and throw pillows. It was born in the minds of its founders, Helen and Marwann, who have a passion for different art movements.

With a decorator mom, Marwann was born with a bias for beautiful things, and decided to create its own, getting inspirations from major art, design and architecture movements.

From the Modernist Era to De Stijl, Bauhaus or Memphis Group, inspirations come from our everyday life, reading magazines, watching documentaries or going to exhibitions.

Not artist ourselves, we wanted to change the way people see art, and exit the traditional frames to objects that are as useful as they are beautiful. 

We thought about cushions, which add a touch of elegance and comfort as well, and decided to launch quickly after.

If you have ideas for a new collection, we'd be happy to help! Drop us an email to get started!



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